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Favorite Ads of 2007.

December 20, 2007

Since AdfFreak is doing their compilation of the freakiest ad moments of the year, most of which I cannot watch without totally skeeving out, I thought I’d compile my favorites. 

While I do recruit for advertising people, and I did once work in media myself, I cannot claim to be a creative eye.  So while I am a mean critic, (My husband and I often sit up in bed watching TV saying “Oh my, that really sucked.  What just happened there?” or “Who the heck  was that supposed to target?”)  I still view ads from the eye of a consumer; a consumer who knows just enough to be dangerous.  Ergo, as we head into the year end, here are my personal favorites for the year.  Now that I’ve compiled these, I see that most of my faves are related to timing and casting, I’m not personally as into the photography or cinematography.  I’m into things that make me laugh, and therefore remember.

Verizon’s Christmas Pony
The casting is perfect.  The timing is perfect.  I laugh every time.

Fedex Kinko’s Office Stereotypes
“Dean, I need you to continue not living up to your resume.”
Again, smart, good casting and good timing.

Home Depot
Again, great casting, perfect timing, great execution. Although this happens to be a horrible recording of it, its the only one I could find.

Bud Light’s Superbowl Rock Paper Scissors.

Genius. The only problem with this one is my kids try it at home.

What were your favorites this year?