Networking at Trade Shows- Grip and Grin


The tech trade show season is in high gear. Mobile World Congress, CeBit, CTIA, the list goes on.   Meetings run all day, followed by receptions, followed by dinner.  It’s tiring for everyone.  Don’t forget to break out of meeting hell and walk around.  Your next position, key supplier or nugget of information will do wonders for your career.  

 Here are some quick nuggets of advice for your next trade show adventure:

  • Read the Show Daily or better yet, the online blogs and trade sites and get current about what is going on in your corner of the industry.
  • Visit the booths of your next employer – Ask lots of questions.  Your next boss is probably here at this show.
  • Show interest in who you are talking to – Understand their products and what they have to offer.  Give them a chance to brag before you do. They will eventually get to you.
  • Keep up your energy level – and you will leave a better impression.  Look beat and you look like everyone else.
  • Mints Yes, mints. Don’t overlook breath and other personal hygiene. Sometimes to overcome the noise you have to close-talk.

It’s not rocket science.  A trade show is place to market yourself and make contact with new people.  It’s how we all used to network before LinkedIn came along!


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