Things that make you go hmmmm.


Long time no post, sorry, we’ve got lots going on now that summer appears to be starting, finally. But I have made a note of articles which our readers here may find interesting, so let’s start a conversation, shall we?

  • Ryan Paugh things that Henry Ford’s management style will not work in today’s Gen Y driven work culture. I think he’s right.
  • Mike Drexler and Rochelle Geller think those brought up in the traditional agency media role of building relationships and younger, more strategy and impact focused Gen Y’ers can learn to work together to shape the face of the new media department. They’re right, too. But change is hard to bring in at the top. Many agencies find success bringing in change at lower levels, standing quietly behind them and helping them pick the right battles, and growing those people into the management of the future.
  • Steve Rubel thinks that many social media jobs won’t exist in the future. This guy thinks he’s wrong. All I know is, this conversation is from March, and we’ve only seen social media get bigger.

There’s more to come. Jump in. Tell us what you think is interesting.

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