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Pleasing (and keeping) the talent.

December 19, 2007

Great article today over at Ad Age’s Talent Works on keeping your digital people on board and happy.  Although Tara Lamberson is specifically talking about digital talent here, I think it relates to all advertising people, especially the millenials.  There just happens to be more genY’ers in the digital field, is all.

If the extent of your firm’s team building is a monthly happy hour, some of your people are probably sending their resumes to me now as you’re reading this. You can stop that, of course. But you’ve got to be tuned in to what your employees want. Otherwise, they’ll walk.

Now, Tara points out that her company holds annual retreats in the Bahamas, or in Club Med.  Well la di da for them.  I don’t think that’s necessary.  It is necessary to nurture your people, and these days it is about more than just salary and free parking.  Although throwing in a burlesque show still seems wildly inapropriate.